What’s new for 2014?

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It’s becoming more popular, and expected, that a cocktail be a whole experience for a guest. It needs to engage all the senses, not simply taste. 2014 is going to be very interesting, as creativity and ingenuity become an integral part of cocktail service, as opposed to just following a recipe.


Some revamped cocktail ideas:The new and improved “Cosmo-No”, which uses Combier in place of cranberry juice and a splash of bitters. This brings the taste back to its martini roots, instead of the Kool-Aid like flavor that has developed over the years. A grown-up version of the Long Island Iced Tea is also sure to be a hit. The Lavender Lake Iced Tea is made with lavender infused vodka and Earl Gray tea, for a lighter and more refreshing cocktail. For these and other delightful new twists on old favorites, please check out the link below. This list is sure to have something for everyone!