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On the Rocks introduces the BAR-V

OTR is so excited to announce  The BAR-V!  A self-contained bar setup perfect for outdoor events and venues. Complete with solar panels (for those times when electricity is scarce), water, bar stations and of course it can be used with OTR licensed and insured bartenders.Don’t forget! On the Rocks brings everything but the alcohol to…

Ghoul Drool

Fun tip of the week by Travis Woodall, Owner of On the Rocks Bartenders and Event Staffing! Need some amazing ideas for your next party? Then let us help! We can create signature drinks, and add custom touches to take your event to the next level!

Make Your Bar Boo-tiful!

Thanks again to Daytime Tr-Cities for having us on today! We love prepping for our weekly segments. You already know how much we love fresh ingredients, but using a WHOLE pumpkin was the task for this week’s tip. So here’s the link and we’ll post the recipe soon! http://www.wjhl.com/story/26805149/a-festive-halloween-party-beverage   

Fresh is Best

Want to know how to elevate your drink experience? USE FRESH INGREDIENTS! Sounds so simple, but so many times we find mixers that are already bottled. So using fresh fruit, juices and herbs you’ll not only feel better about using better ingredients, you’ll also enjoy the fresh aroma and taste! Click to watch On the Rocks on…